Management of the Company has established the following quality policy and environment:

  • Management Company is aware of the expectations generated in today’s society in environmental issues, so that to improve their professional level, considered essential to incorporate a commitment to meet the quality requirements and the environment through the implementation of a system, to be followed by all its staff.

  • Management Company want to achieve, within the contractual framework, maximum customer satisfaction and respect the environment, including pollution prevention in the work.

  • Management Company takes towards its customers a confidentiality of all documents relating to all aspects of the work done.

  • Management Company aims to be a leader in the services offered and for this firm is committed to continuous improvement in the quality culture, understood as customer satisfaction, and respect the environment, both for their workers and their partners or society in general, all based on the development of the system.

  • Management Company compliance with laws and regulations applicable to its activities, as well as other requirements and recommendations deemed necessary, within the environment of the System or related to its environmental aspects.

  • The system incorporates by reference under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

    We have recently certified by the SAE system – Auto Control System to third countries with different requirements intercommunity. And recently we are one of the establishments authorized to export fresh meat of pig and bird to South Africa and meat and meat products of bovinely, sheep and caprino to Saudi Arabia.
    And in addition from August, 2018 we are certified by IFS Food Version 6. The latter certification cumbra the qualit standards that we want for our politics of constant improvement

  • Management Company assumes responsibility that the system is sufficiently documented, communicated to its employees and society, keeping up and promoting the participation of workers, employees and society in general. This promises to provide the necessary resources in information, training and awareness.

  • Management Company System reviews policy, either annually, or before a change or modification in their organizational structure, and ensures that the policy is appropriate.

  • All this is reflected in the slogan: